“…for the Benefit of the poor Christians of the Eastern Nations…” – Printing the Psalter and New Testament in Arabic in Eighteenth-Century London

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by Paula Manstetten In the 1720s, an Anglican society in London printed a staggering 6,000 Psalters and 10,000 New Testaments in Arabic with the aim of distributing them among the Christians of the Middle East. The Society for Promoting Christian … Continued

Don’t Alter a Word: Thoughts on Robert Alter’s “The Art of Bible Translation” (Princeton University Press: Princeton & Oxford, 2019) in the Wider Context of Hebrew Bible Translation

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A Review Essay by Meira Polliack “And you think That I don’t even mean A single word I say It’s only words And words are all I have to take your heart away”.[1] Celebrating a new book by Robert Alter … Continued

Judaeo-Arabic Bible Translation and the Tiberian Masoretic Tradition

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by Joseph Habib Introduction The great textual critic Dominique Barthélemy (1921–2002) lamented the fact that scholars of the time were too quick to render a difficult passage in the Masoretic Text as corrupt or unintelligible. The Masoretic Text refers to … Continued

Shiʿite Muslim Exegesis of the Bible in Early Modern Iran: Sayyid Aḥmad ʿAlavī and His Interpretation of Elijah

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by Dennis Halft OP The Imāmī (Twelver) Shiʿite scholar Sayyid Aḥmad ʿAlavī (d. between 1644 and 1650) is well-known for his Persian writings against Christianity.[1] Born in the Safavid capital of Isfahan, ʿAlavī was the intellectual spearhead of the local … Continued