A Note on Georg Graf’s Nachlass

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The first volume of Georg Graf’s (1875-1955) Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur is still the most important reference work for Christian translations of the Bible into Arabic. Graf himself regarded as his lifework a comprehensive account of Christian Arabic literature, … Continued

The ‘Qur’anic’ Translation of the Psalms by Mohammad al-Sadeq Hussein and Serge de Beaurecueil*

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This instance of Islamic-Christian biblical teamwork, in which also the future Archbishop of Algiers, Henri Teissier, was partly involved, is rather extraordinary in its kind, as is the cultural atmosphere in which the project was first conceived. What is more, the translation, which was basically produced from the French version of the Psalter contained in the Bible de Jérusalem, obtained the imprimatur of the Vicar Apostolic of Alexandria of the Latins. In spite of its quite exceptional status, this work, to my knowledge, has not been the object of any specific study.