The Cairo Geniza

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Kahle, Paul E. The Cairo Geniza. 2nd ed. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1959.

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Kahle's famous Geniza book includes two sections with relation to Arabic Bible translations. The first one, pp. 51-66, briefly deals with the Arabic translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch. The author believes that the Samaritans initially used Saadiah's Tafsīr and then gradually introduced changes to the text until a textus receptus was created by Abu Sa'id's revision. The earlier versions, however, continued to be transmitted in manuscripts written in Samaritan script. On pp. 297-313, the author discusses the Arabic translation of the Diatesseron, its Coptic reception, and its manuscripts, in particular MS: Oxford, Bodleian Libraries, Ar. e. 163, which also contains a treatise on Christian doctrine that was written in answer to al-Ghazālī’s al-Radd al-jamīl li-ilāhīyat ʿĪsā ʿalā ṣarīḥ al-injīl. On pp. 298-299, Kahle refers to an unidentified manuscript fragment of the Arabic Diatesseron from Beirut. This fragment is presumably identical to the one mentioned Pastorelli (2011), cf.

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Title: The Cairo Geniza

Author: Paul E. Kahle

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Place of Publication: Oxford

Publisher: Basil Blackwell

Date of Publication: 1959


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New Testament  Old Testament  Christian  Coptic  Jewish  Samaritan  Gospels  Pentateuch  Coptic  Hebrew  Syriac  Diatessaron  Muslim Reception  Abū Saʿīd  Al-Asʿad Hibbat Allāh b. al-ʿAssāl  Ibn al-Ṭaiyyb  Saadiah Gaon 

Cited Manuscripts

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