Roni Cohen received his BA degree in Jewish History and Biblical Studies (2012) from Tel Aviv University with honors. Cohen is currently composing his MA thesis (2013-) on the structure, origins and hermeneutic elements of “Midrash Va-Yosha” under the supervision of Prof. Meira Polliack and Prof. Elchanan Reiner.

His major academic interests encompass exposing the presence of hermeneutic elements in texts that are not considered to be exegetic, such as late Midrashic texts, medieval folklore and other types of Jewish literature. Within the DIP project Cohen deals with the administrative aspects of creating an anthology of Karaite works produced in the Islamic domain, including a serious amount of Karaite Bibilcal exegesis of great commentators such as Jacob Qirqisany, Yefet Ben Ali and David Ben Boaz. The anthology project is led by Prof. Yoram Erder and Prof. Meira Polliack and will contain a wide range of works from medieval Karaites in the Islamic milieu all translated into Hebrew, as well as introductions and commentaries by prominent researchers of Karaite literature.