Iqbal Abd El-Raziq received her BA degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies (1997) and her Master degree (2012) from Tel Aviv University. She has written her Master’s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Uri Rubin, with the title “Idolatry and Idols in the Quran and Early Muslim Tradition”.

Abd El-Raziq is now enrolled for the first phase of her PhD studies within Biblia Arabica project. Her dissertation will be carried out under the supervision of Prof. Camilla Adang and Prof. Meira Polliack at Tel Aviv University. The dissertation topic will be, “The Revelation of Jewish Scriptures according to Early and Classical Islamic Sources”, where she will examine how the Muslim scholars have perceived the process of revelation and the mediums in which God has brought his books and messages to the Jewish prophets. She will also examine the Muslim scholars’ attitudes toward the Jewish scriptures and the way they have related to them.

Besides researching the Quran and the development of the early Islamic tradition in relation to it, Abd El-Raziq is also interested in the interactions and relationship between the Abrahamic religions (i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam), mainly as they are reflected in early and classical Muslim sources.