Dr. Amir Ashur received his PhD in the Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University (2006). His doctoral dissertation topic was ‘Engagement and Betrothal Documents from the Cairo Geniza’ under the supervision of Prof. M.A. Friedman from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Ashur’s research focuses on the ‘documentary Geniza’ – letters, legal documents and other documents that represent the daily life of the Geniza world. Being a former student of Prof. M.A. Friedman, he continues working with him on various projects relating to Geniza research, among them the celebrated ‘india Book’.

In the DIP project, Dr. Ashur will serve as an expert for identifying scribes, whenever it will be possible, and will examine the use of Biblical quotations in letters and other documentary materials, in order to determine the popularity of Biblical books in different times and places. For more details of his scholarly activities, see his site.