Isaiah and Jeremiah

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Avishur, Yitzhaq. “Isaiah and Jeremiah.” In תרגום קדום לנביאים אחרונים בערבית־יהודית בבלית וסורית כתב־יד בודליאנה (206 .Hunt .Ms) עם מבוא והערות || A Medieval Translation of the Latter Prophets into Iraqi and Syrian Judaeo-Arabic: The Text of Bodleian Manuscript Hunt. 206 with Introduction and Notes, Vol. 1. Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1998.


Contains an edition of a Judaeo-Arabic version of the Latter Prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. The editor does not recognize that the translation is a reworking of Yefet b. Eli’s Judaeo-Arabic translation. See the review by E. Schlossberg in Pe‘amim 83 (2000): 147–61

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Title: Isaiah and Jeremiah

Author: Yitzhaq Avishur

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Place of Publication: Jerusalem

Publisher: Magnes Press

Date of Publication: 1998

Volume: 1


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Isaiah  Jeremiah  Old Testament  Jewish  Qaraite  Prophets  Hebrew 

Cited Manuscripts

Oxford, Bodleian Libraries, Hunt. 206 

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