Texts and Studies


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Mann, Jacob. Texts and Studies. Vol. 2: Karaitica. Philadephia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1935.


In his appendices to Section I (“Ḳaraism in the Near East”) the author includes several commentary extracts containing (inter alia) specimens of Judaeo-Arabic Bible translation—specifically, from Daniel al-Qūmisī’s commentary on the Minor Prophets (pp. 74–81), Salmon b. Yeruḥam’s commentary on Psalms (pp. 83–86), and a commentary on Genesis (pp. 103–5) most likely by Sahl b. Maṣliaḥ (per the IMHM catalogue).

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Title: Texts and Studies

Author: Jacob Mann

URI: https://biblia-arabica.com/bibl/VY7NMYSC  Link to Biblia Arabica bibliography Bibliographic Record.


Place of Publication: Philadephia

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society of America

Date of Publication: 1935

Volume: 2: Karaitica


Subject Headings

Amos  Genesis  Habakkuk  Haggai  Hosea  Joel  Jonah  Malachi  Micah  Nahum  Obadiah  Psalms  Zechariah  Zephaniah  Old Testament  Jewish  Qaraite  Pentateuch  Prophets  Psalms  Hebrew  Daniel al-Qūmisī  Sahl ben Maṣliaḥ  Salmon ben Yeruḥam 

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St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Evr. I 556  St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Evr. II A 113  St. Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Evr.-Arab. I 4633 

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