Sinaitische Bibelfragmente

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Graf, G. “Sinaitische Bibelfragmente.” Oriens Christianus 12–14 (1925): 217–20.

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Arabic text, with text-critical notes, of the letters in question, from MS: Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Ar. 154 (Gibson’s no.). The second and third installments of the article offer a careful description of the manuscript itself and then a focus on each letter with attention to the underlying Greek and Syriac texts.

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Title: Sinaitische Bibelfragmente

Author: G. Graf

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Title: Oriens Christianus


Date of Publication: 1925

Pages: 217-220

Volume: 12-14


Subject Headings

1 Corinthians  1 John  1 Peter  1 Thessalonians  1 Timothy  2 Corinthians  2 John  2 Peter  2 Thessalonians  2 Timothy  3 John  Acts  Colossians  Ephesians  Galatians  Hebrews  James  Jude  Philemon  Philippians  Romans  Titus  New Testament  Christian  Catholic Epistles  Pauline Epistles  Greek 

Cited Manuscripts

Munich, Bavarian State Library, 1071  Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Ar. 154  Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Ar. 155 

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