Aus Qirqisâni’s ‚Kitâb al-’anwâr w’al-marâqib‛

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Poznański, Samuel. “Aus Qirqisâni’s ‚Kitâb al-’anwâr w’al-marâqib‛.” In Semitic Studies in Memory of Rev. Dr. Alexander Kohut, edited by George Alexander Kohut, 435–56. Berlin: S. Calvary & Co., 1897.


Includes an edition, based on a single Ms. in the British Library, of Yaʿqūb al-Qirqisānī’s Kitāb al-anwār wa-ʾl-marāqib, part 5, chap. 35 (pp. 453–56), which offers testimony to the existence in the early-10th century of a (likely Qaraite) translation of the Pentateuch. This testimony is expressly noted, and an English translation of the entire chapter supplied, by H. Ben-Shammai in his contribution to the 1982 Nemoy Festschrift

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Title: Aus Qirqisâni’s ‚Kitâb al-’anwâr w’al-marâqib‛

Author: Samuel Poznański

Editor: George Alexander Kohut

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Place of Publication: Berlin

Publisher: S. Calvary & Co.

Date of Publication: 1897

Pages: 435–56


Subject Headings

Pentateuch  Old Testament  Jewish  Qaraite  Hebrew 

Cited Manuscripts

London, British Library, Or. 2579 

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