Early Ḳaraite Bible Commentaries


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Mann, Jacob. “Early Ḳaraite Bible Commentaries.” The Jewish Quarterly Review, n.A. 12, no. 4 (1922): 435–526.

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The last fragment (pp. 515–26), from an unidentified Hebrew commentary on Daniel (subsequently identified as that of Daniel al-Qūmisī), ad 11:24–32, 35–40, contains sporadic Judaeo-Arabic glosses. Cambridge, CUL, T-S 10C2.2 is incorrectly given on p. 515 as T-S 10G2.

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Title: Early Ḳaraite Bible Commentaries

Author: Jacob Mann

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Title: The Jewish Quarterly Review, n.a.


Date of Publication: 1922

Pages: 435–526

Volume: 12


Subject Headings

Daniel  Old Testament  Jewish  Qaraite  Prophets  Hebrew  Daniel al-Qūmisī 

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Cambridge, Cambridge University Library, T-S 10C2.2 

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