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Eytan, Eli. “Maṭrūn.” The Jewish Quarterly Review 48, no. 4 (1958): 380.

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The author argues that the reading maṭrūn (for Heb. פֶתֶן) in Salmon b. Yeruḥam’s Judaeo-Arabic translation of Ps 58:5 (as in several Mss. of Saadiah’s trans. ad loc.) should be corrected to miṭḥan.

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Title: Maṭrūn

Author: Eli Eytan

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DOI: 10.2307/1452698 


Title: The Jewish Quarterly Review


Date of Publication: 1958

Pages: 380

Volume: 48


Subject Headings

Psalms  Old Testament  Jewish  Qaraite  Hebrew  Saadiah Gaon  Salmon ben Yeruḥam 

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