Les versions arabes des Evangiles


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Arbache, Samir. “Les versions arabes des Evangiles.” Mélanges de Science Religieuse 3 (1999): 85–94.

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Generalia about the Gospels in Arabic: The ancient Arabic versions of the Gospels have been little studied up till today. The realm to explore remains very extensive given the diversity of the source languages: Greek, Syriac, Coptic and Latin. While certain manuscripts were printed beginning with the end of the 16th c., we must recognize that the research has only just begun. The earliest known documents do not predate the birth of Islam. The version produced in the middle of the eighth century in Palestine, based on the Greek text and represented by the Sinai Arab 72 (a. 897) is the first proposed to a critical edition.

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Title: Les versions arabes des Evangiles

Author: Samir Arbache

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Title: Mélanges de Science Religieuse


Date of Publication: 1999

Pages: 85-94

Volume: 3


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New Testament  Christian  Gospels  Greek  Generalia 

Cited Manuscripts

Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery, Ar. 72 

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