• We are sad to announce the premature passing of Ilana Sasson. She was an active member of our group and contributed many papers and articles as a post doc. Her gracefulness and clarity and goodness of heart were evident to all. Ilana is no longer with us. May her memory be blessed.
  • Congratulations to project associate, Yolanda Yavor, for winning the Nehemia Levtzion scholarship (2018-2020)!
  • The Final conference of The Biblia Arabica Project will take place on 7-9/11/17 at Tel Aviv University. Further details pending.
  • The next meeting of the Biblia Arabica forum will see Dr Dennis Halft (Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters, Ben-Gurion University) on "Arabic Bible Translations in Early Modern Iran: Crossing the Boundaries between Christianity and Twelver Shiite Islam", Tel Aviv University on 3rd of May.
  • Congratulations to Project leader, Professor Ronny Vollandt, for being awarded the 2017 Alexander Böhlig Prize!
  • Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims and the transmission of the Bible in Arabic in the Middle Ages (Casa Arab, April 26-28 2017)
  • TAU-Halle 2017 Joint Workshop
  • Congratulations to Postdoc fellow, Rachel Hasson Kenat, for winning the 2016 Joseph & Racheline award for the study and research of Jewish heritage in Egypt

The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims

Ms Carullah 3, (Arabic translation of the Pentateuch by al-Ḥārith b. Sinān (9th-10th century CE)

Ms Carullah 3, Arabic translation of the Pentateuch by al-Ḥārith b. Sinān (9th-10th century CE)

During the Middle Ages hundreds of Jews, Christians and Samaritans living under Muslim rule were intensively engaged in translating their sacred scriptures into Arabic, which had become their language as well. These translations, their stylistic and didactic features, vocabulary, scripts and ideologies, as well as the extent to which they were influenced by the Qur’an and used by Muslims in their discussions with members of the other Abrahamic religions are the focus of the international research project Biblia Arabica: the Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims which was endowed with a 1.6 million Euro grant from the German research organization DFG.

The five-year project was conceived and is being directed by two professors from TAU’s Entin Faculty of Humanities: Prof. Camilla Adang of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and Prof. Meira Polliack of the Department of Biblical Studies, together with Prof. Andreas Kaplony  and Professor Ronny Vollandt from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. The project charts the countless manuscripts and fragments that are nowadays found in monasteries throughout the Middle East and libraries across the globe, analyzes the different methods of translation from Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Greek and Coptic, and examines the mutual influences, both religious and cultural, between the different religious communities. In addition, it deals with the historical and social repercussions of the discourse and polemic that developed in the course of time and are still alive today.



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