Biblia Arabica & EAJS

Warrior, Poet, Prophet and King:THE CHARACTER OF DAVID IN JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM, Warsaw, 26–28 October 2016

Organizer: Marzena Zawanowska
Chairs:Camilla Adang, Meira Polliack, Miriam Lindgren Hjälm

Keynote lecture by Meira Polliack: “A Question of Character: Biblical Bathsheba as a Case Study
of Cross-Cultural Exegesis and Typology”

Camilla Adang: “Exonerating David. Ibn Hazm’s Reading of Q 38:17-25”

Miriam Lindgren Hjälm: “Psalms to Reason, Psalms to Heal: David and his Book in Rūm Orthodox Communities”

Sivan Nir: “Midnight Lyres and Demon Flutes: David’s Music in Medieval Jewish and Muslim Exegesis”

Biblia Arabica at the European Association of Jewish Studies, Paris (20-24 July 2014)
Panel: The Bible in Arabic among Jews, Christians and Muslims (July 23 2014)

Organizer: Meira Polliack
Chair: Ronny Vollandt

Meira Polliack: “Medieval Jewish and Christian Arabic translations of the Bible:
Common Trends and Differences”

Ilana Sasson: “On Creation, Wisdom, and Angeology: A Karaite Commentary on Proverbs 8”

Marzena Zawanowska: “Karaite translations of anthropomiorphisms”

Miriam Lindgren: “Early (9-13th) Christian Arabic Translations of the Book of Daniel”

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